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question on disorganized attachment!

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question on disorganized attachment!

so in the case of having a narcissistic parent and a submissive parent... would the relationship with the submissive parent be the most unhealthy relationship? because we identify with them as a victim like ourselves? but they also should have protected us? or is it different in this situation? i have cut off the narcissistic parent completely. even had a dream he was trying to control my by threatening to beat me with a belt (which i got plenty of whippings when young.. whether i actually did anything or not).. and i finally had a dream of shouting to the guides "get me a belt" and it appeared out of thin air! .. and an epic war of whipping each other happened and finally it ended with us both being tired and just giving up.. and we went our separate ways.  



i was just really proud of the triumph in that dream so i wanted to share it lol! anyways.. but is the attachment to the other parent just as harmful?

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