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Quitting a new job


I have just a year ago finished school and then went backpacking around the world for five months. During that time I made the decision where I wanted to apply for jobs back home before I plan on going to university this winter. I got a job at the café I wanted to work at before I even came back home via email. Now I have been working there for three weeks and I absolutely cannot stand the job. It’s very stressful and exhausts me physically and mentally everyday for 40 hours a week. I want to quit and find a new job, but that is quite difficult to do in this small town right now, but that’s not the problem. I’m sure I could find something. But I feel weird and like I would let the people at my current job down, if I would quit after just three weeks when I said I could work there for mutliple months. I know that the right thing probably would be to do what feels right, which is to leave, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it yet, I still think that I need to stay there at least two months before I’m “allowed” to quit without it seeming like a failure to me and my coworkers, who warned me that it would be a hard job and constantly make remarks about how many people already left because of that. 
I also really need the money of a job, because of my amazing travels. 
Do you have any advice as to how to get over that fear of quitting my job and what everyone will be thinking, what I will be thinking; and the fear of not finding a new job quickly enough, so I can work enough before I go to university. 
Thank You  all! 
Greetings from Germany, Elza 

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