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5 Positive Aspects Challenge

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5 Positive Aspects Challenge

Hello all,

I recently saw one of Teals synchronization workshops on line. It was a segment from her Orlando workshop called "Teal Swan| Whats wrong with me- can't feel happy." In this video she suggest to master one spiritually inspired task (or mantra, routine, etc.). I resonate well with positive aspect identification because it always seems to improve my mood, my feeling about the topic at hand, helps me release resistance and helps hasted manifested resolutions.

SO here, I wanted to propose this challenge as a way of getting others to join in the benefits I feel I find with positive aspect ID. I propose that we each state something that is not going ideally in our lives and then list 5 positive aspects about the situation you find yourself in. Feel Free to state more than one (once you get started it may be tough to stop!).

Here, I'll go first....

Situation: I got broken up with a few months ago.

1. I've had more deep meditation experiences

2. I've had the time to de-clutter my life (see my post in the "other discussion" forum about Teals 2018 forecast)

3. I was able to find shadows that I did not know I had regarding self-worth and loneliness.

4. I've met some of my spirit guides since the breakup.

5. I realized that I should be "filling up my own cup" for now.


Give it a try! I would love to hear you all feel and think about this exercise. Lets raise out vibration together!



Ramses Rodriguez


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Positive aspects complete for today! Instead of a list, I've decided to share some thoughts....

This is proving to be an interesting technique. Not only does it help me release resistance to situations, but I'm finding that It is also useful for Identify benefits to beliefs or negative emotions. In other words, using positive aspect lists helps in identifying the advantages for why one holds a core belief. 

For example, when we question why it is beneficial for us to hold a core belief, one could simply ask "what is a positive aspect about his belief." For me, this re-wording makes things seem less "deep" and more of a light way of choosing the beliefs we have. I guess this is a subtle way to lighten up the shadow work, which as we all know could be a bit intense!

Let me know if this resonates with any of you.

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