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Front tooth chipped off - Need advice!

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Front tooth chipped off - Need advice!

Hi, I'm a Purchasing Manager, working in a restaurant at Toronto. Last Sunday, as a part of the year ending celebrations, my restaurant hosted a football match among the staffs working there and I was selected as the goalkeeper of the team. During the match, while defending a goal from the goal-line, I slipped and fell on the ground. My gum got injured and my front tooth got cracked and chipped off. My gum started swelling and I tried several DIY methods to overcome it, but all was in vain. So, I visited a dental clinic in Toronto for emergency dental treatment. After the initial examination, the dentist suggested me to have a dental filling. Also, he suggested performing bonding because the damaged front tooth can be seen while I smile. It should be bonded using a tooth-colored composite resin. I'm planning to schedule an appointment this week. Should I go to the dentist regularly after the treatment? How long will the result of bonding last? Please share your views. Thanking you in advance!

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