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Need a bright smile

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Need a bright smile

Hi, I have decided to do teeth whitening from Oshawa. During my engagement, the photographer told many times to smile. But I kept my mouth closed due to my yellow teeth. Next month is my wedding. My friend told me to do the whitening soon and not to make it for the last minute. She told me that it is the two weeks procedure. My friend suggested some tips to maintain my oral health. I want to be the best on my big day. I'm waiting for that big day. Yesterday night my cousin gave two red lipsticks. A true red lipstick shows the bright teeth as the best my sister Melissa told me. After my teeth whitening I would wear the red lipstick which shows my teeth shining. Tomorrow I'm going to meet the dentist in Oshawa. Does the teeth whitening affect the fillings, veneers or crowns? Kindly share your ideas. Thank you.

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