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Paul Amos

Is eye surgery safe?

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Is eye surgery safe?

Hi, I'm a Bank employee residing in Toronto. I used to drive daily to my workplace. I am suffering from vision problems for last three years and was using eyeglasses for correcting the vision. But recently while driving the car, single objects seems to be multiple on the road and made me confused. I managed to drive slowly to the office by taking a shortcut way. After reaching there, I felt vision loss and dizziness. Immediately one of my colleagues took me to a hospital nearby. After the detailed examination, the doctor told that I'm suffering from keratoconus, a disorder of the eye which results in progressive thinning of the cornea. He added that my stage is worse and needs a corneal transplantation asap. He prescribed some eye drops for short-term use and suggested undergoing eye surgery at a clinic in Toronto. I was worried and confused about the disease. So, I'm planning to schedule an appointment this week. Is there any adverse effect of doing the surgery? Will I be able to see clearly after surgery? Please suggest your views!

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