Is chiropractic treatment effective in curing back pain?

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Is chiropractic treatment effective in curing back pain?

Yesterday I decided to help my friend in painting his house. While he started cleaning the walls, I went to take the container of paint from the truck. The container was so heavy, but somehow I tried to lift it. While I was lifting, I heard a pop in my lower back and within minutes it started paining. I sat down in pain and called my friend. He took me inside the house and applied hot pack. I was feeling comfortable then. But now my back is still paining. It's my friend who had suggested me to undergo chiropractic treatment. He also took an appointment from chiropractic center in Mississauga for me. I am planning to visit the clinic tomorrow. I am not aware of this treatment. It will be more helpful if you share the details of the treatment. Is this treatment effective in curing back pain?

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Well this reply is a little late. Did you end up going? If so what did you think? 

I can tell you a story about why I ended going to one, who literally saved my life. 


I hadn’t done anything specific really, it just started hurting, I couldn’t move that well, or walk that well, and it continued to get worse.  Eventually I couldn’t work, and ended up in bed, to make this story shorter, basically it got so bad, after visiting the hospital three times they thought I was exaggerating, although it was the most agonizing pain I’ve ever felt in my life physically I still to this day don’t know how I even got to and from the hospital in the first place. 

So after the third visit, I basically got depressed. I couldn’t move, it got so bad that I couldn’t move my neck or my toe without it hurting, I lied in bed 24/7, didn’t shower first weeks, and when I got a migraine and puked in the garbage beside me, I had to sleep next to it for the entire time until I had healed! I stopped drinking as much liquids and foods as possible so I didn’t have to experience the pain of getting up to use the washroom. I told myself if I had to live  like that for another month or two I’d kill my self. 


Soneone suggested a chiropractor, I’d only heard bad things about them before, but at that point I was desperate. I went in, he saved my life. 

They will try to tell you that you need to continue going, I never did, and I don’t believe that. That’s just me, but they know what they’re doing and if you get a good one they’ll explain how the body works and how their practise works for you and your body and why it helps. How the muscles and tissues and bones are connected and how exactly what they do with you helps you and even how or why it got that bad on the first place! 


Sorry i I tried to make that short! Lol so yea everyone has a different opinion, and maybe stories as to why something worked for them, but just see how you feel, if it feels like a good idea or a bad idea, trust that! 


Hope it it all works out!

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