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Addiction- Need help

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Addiction- Need help

Hi, I belong to a well-reputed family.  I was married to a person from another well-reputed family. In our province, we were one of the wealthiest families. But now we are one among the poorest families. Until last two months, our family life was wonderful, filled with love and care. But from few months my husband is involved in gambling. This is affecting our family life a lot.  He is not finding time for my kids, not even for me. He comes home late. Initially, I thought he was busy with his office work. Later I came to know that he was busy with gambling. Because of his gambling, our happiness has gone.  As he was losing money in gambling, he was being depressed. I spoke with his best friend. He told me that, he had advised my husband to stop this gambling. But my husband is addicted to it. How can I get him out of this gambling? His friend suggested undergoing gambling addiction treatment program from a clinic in Edmonton.  Will this help? Please give your suggestions. 

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