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Throbbing toothache - Need advice for tooth extraction.

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Throbbing toothache - Need advice for tooth extraction.

Hi! I am Amymg. I was suffering from a toothache for a long time. I didn't bother much. So I never visited a dental clinic. I usually rinse with salt water and sometimes take painkillers to ease the pain. Yesterday night, I experience persistent throbbing in my teeth which keeps me awake at night with pain. Today morning I visited a nearby dental clinic. The dentist took an X-ray of my teeth. After a detailed examination, the dentist told that my teeth are infected very badly. He told me to undergo tooth extraction as my teeth are completely damaged. But I am moving to Toronto tomorrow. So I can't have tooth extraction from the same clinic. The dentist prescribed me some painkillers to reduce the pain. I am in search of a dental clinic in Toronto. One of my friends suggested visiting an emergency dental clinic in Toronto. He also added that this clinic provides the best tooth extraction treatment in Toronto. What all precautions should I take before tooth extraction? Please give some valuable replies. Thank you.

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