How effective is prenatal massage therapy?

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How effective is prenatal massage therapy?

I'm so happy to say that I'm in the second trimester. I'm working in an IT firm and I find it difficult to work these days. Last week, I had to stand for nearly 1 hour to explain our new project. At first, I felt slight pain on my leg but later it became severe and I was on my knees because of the pain. Everyone got scared seeing my condition. They rushed me to a nearby hospital and the doctor said this is common during pregnancy and advised me to take rest. When I told this to my hubby, he asked me to take leave for a while and undergo prenatal massage therapy from a clinic in Toronto. He told that one of his friends suggested this procedure as his wife has undergone the same and it did help her during the delivery time. Has anyone here undergone prenatal massage therapy in your second trimester? Kindly share your wisdom. Thanks!  

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