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Christmas Day Thoughts

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Christmas Day Thoughts

It’s early morning on Christmas Day.   I really didn’t sleep last night.  I have been practicing a few different forms of meditation and I have found a new serenity, and openness, and joy.  You would think that I would have slept like a baby but I think I was uplifted by my connection to my kids, and my mother and just everyone. (Well almost everyone, but I’ll try to work on those relationships.)

I truly feel like I love the world, despite its flaws.  I feel like over the last year I have gone from “need” looking for fulfillment to “fulfillment” that wants to give back. 
I have never been a very social person.  I have been independent and usually scared of judgement from others.  And I still have fear.  But I want to reach out.  And I have a few dear friends.  Not very many.  I have found it rare to have a strong connection with anyone.  But now, thanks to meditation maybe I will be more open and able to connect with more people.

And so, I have a wish for you:
-may you be well.
-may you be happy.
-may your heart be open and filled with loving kindness, both for yourself and for others.
-may you find peace this day, and all the days of your life

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