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"Connection Games" a growing authentic community

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"Connection Games" a growing authentic community

Last New Year’s Eve was a life change event in my life, I attended teal tribe gathering in Prague, for the first time in my life I felt the real authentic love and deep connection, before that I was a broken piece of human trying to understand life and find a meaning of my own life.

To make the story short, I practiced emotional healing and a shadow work the techniques that teal teaches helped me immensely ! 

And since then It has became my passion to share what changed my life with friends and other people around me 

I started to organize teal tribe gathering in Berlin, and it was amazing to see friends coming from all Europe to connect. Never less I felt there is something missing, what's missing is that many people from the outside teal tribe need this healing, need it more than we think.


And that was the beginning of Connection Games, I started organizing a spiritual gathering where we do shadow work, emotional healing and authentic connection and eat Vegan food, not exclusive for people who fellow teal, and we had amazing gathering we had now 7 gathering 6 of them in Berlin and one in the rainbow gathering in Italy

People come as stranger and leave as old friends many comes again and again the level of deepness and love they feel it tcuh them and change them every time :) 

We still have our teal tribe gathering when there is an online workshop from teal and I'm so happy to have new people with us 


This what i feel the world needs and I'm happy to fulfil my life purpose and desires  by creating the save space for people to connect 

If you feel like joining us, feel free to contact me any time, i'm not often here at the form but you can reach my by FB https://www.facebook.com/Ram.Alsamann 

And here i leave some photo for you <3 



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