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Wearing braces - Need advice!

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Wearing braces - Need advice!

Hi, I'm a working woman residing in North York. I used to sleep with my mouth open. I tried several alternatives to keep it close, but none of them gave a good result. Now I'm suffering from teeth protruding and I look ugly as an evil witch. My friends started noticing my teeth while I talk to them. Last day even I thought of quitting the job because my colleagues laughed and made fun of me. Now I'm planning to wear braces, but I don't like to wear them for long. When I discussed this with my aunt, she suggested wearing orthodontic braces from a clinic in Texas. She added that my problem might improve within a period of six months. Also, she advised me to schedule an appointment soon. But I'm bit confused. Will my protruding teeth change to normal within six months? Please share your views.

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