Embracing the feminine (PMS and monthly cycle)

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Embracing the feminine (PMS and monthly cycle)

HI! Can you tell me how you handle the premenstrual period (the PMS), how do you take care of yourself, how do you feel, how much is the change in fluctuations  in expression, or inner changes and shifts visible, obvious? 

(Beside the subject of this topic, guys are also welcome to express whatever you feel like expressing, if you want or have anything to share )

I dont have any girlfriends now, or not friends i could openly talk to about this, and would like to know how you handle the PMS and the menstruation period, because I have trouble embracing my feminine side regarding this, the fragile side i would say, where you actually need someone to give you some caring attention, or simply demonstrate care for your well being and prepare your tea when you cant... Also, I find it hard to reconcile because I lack energy and motivation during the time, I know that time of the woman's cycle is meant to serve us and the world differently, but I have hard time embracing it. I know it's somewhat connected to how I see my mother, my connection to her, how much I like her (which is none). It's not as disastrous as it sounds, but I do find it difficult to like my feminine. I am sure if someone liked it , the divine feminine in me, and reflected it back, I would feel very inspired, to embrace, to move, to love. But, how do I take care of all of me when i am alone? Specifically this time, the PMS and during the period. I have most trouble accepting the PMS. Because energy gets lower and I cant do anything, except close myself inside, focus inwardly, and just feed myself with art.. if taking anything from outside. 

Hmmm, however, things are flexible, but I do find trouble embracing my feminine in regards to our cycle and PMS and menstruation and everything that comes with it. 

So, how do you take care of yourself during that time? How do you feel? What do you do? Do you think it has anything to do with how you see your mother? or your connection to her ? What would you suggest its good to work on? What questions do i ask myself? what feelings should i unveil? what questions would you ask yourself? How do i dive deep on this subject ?

Because i know that the degree to which we accept our femininity is very much connected to how is our connection with our (once) female caregiver ... which in my case is super ambiguous 

thank you 



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