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Hi!! so I have been doing an insane amount of research on schizophrenia.  My brother developed it a few years ago.  He is now 30.  I have found all kinds of studies and have looked at it from different angles.  I was hoping to get an outlook at it from an energetic perspective or a spiritual perspective.  Thanks! 

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There's a topic here named same way. And video of Teal included in it. I don't remember which section it was, good luck with your search. ...

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Hello RebeccaHentzell,

I do have some suggestions that might help. They don't directly speak to schizophrenia but there is some insight in them that might help. 

This one speaks to the way isolation could occur.


This one speaks of another coping mechanism our ego comes up with regarding protection. 

She might also cover some of this in her video "Do deamons exsit."


I am interested to know if you find anything important for you in these. Best of luck!

Ramses R.

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