Hubby in trouble! Want to meet some lawyers.

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Hubby in trouble! Want to meet some lawyers.


My hubby seems disturbed these days and I was after him all the time enquiring the issue. It was something related to the workplace, but it has the capacity to ruin our life.

There is a subordinate to him, Rachel. She is a wasteful young lady. He had cautioned her few times for her reckless character. Days ago, she committed a tremendous error. He revealed it to the higher authorities and the authorities will make some move soon. 

Last day, there was a night party. She was available at the gathering. She called my hubby to a free space adjacent. She also ensured, there was no one around and tore some part of her dress. Then she started crying. All came up and asked the reason. She said, my hubby abused her. He is honest yet everybody trusted her.

And she is planning to file a case against him for sexual assault. We are in a miserable condition and don't know how to deal with the circumstance. Our companions suggested taking help of some sexual assault defence lawyers in Newmarket for legal support. Hope it is the best option. What are the legal proceedings? Any idea?

Waiting for your replies.
Thank you.

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