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Recovery instead of safety

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Recovery instead of safety

I feel I am afraid of my emotional abusers hurting me again. This affects me because I subconsciously build my life around doing whatever it takes to not get hurt by thinking the way I want. Now that I am thinking the way they want I am not having honest feelings, which causes depression. I have no idea how to not be afraid of them hurting me. I've tried pretending they don't exist. Going no contact wouldn't work, I would be afraid of them finding me and attacking me for it.

Instead of creating a place where you are safe from nobody hurting you, would one avenue to be explore be a place where you can recover from however they hurt you? Even if it happens, you know you can heal the damage by the next day.

As an analogy getting the flu is not that scary because we know we can recover from it. If not for the obvious recovery, your body breaking down in sickness would otherwise be very scary. The more you feel you can recover from abuse the less you should fear it.

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