What is a Gaslighting?

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What is a Gaslighting?

I've picked on this just several weeks ago during my research in Empaths and Narcissists relationship videos,  Ambient abuse called Gaslighting, named by1944 film  Gaslight  , main character played by famous actress Ingrid Bergman.

 It's very damageable manipulation form, manipulator makes you doubt, confused, and guilty about your own true to get they own needs. I found very resonating situations in my past, I thought is better to avoid confrontation by being humble and to accept they opinion or actions, there actually mostly job relationships, fear to lost good face, incomes even position. I always thinking why I'm still feeling shitty, guilty, good not enough in the end of day, end deep anxiety in early morning just after wake up.  Last week found several videos regarding this topic by Kristin Snowden, will recommend to take time and to watch it's two parts video little long, but very informative, at least for me.

 more information about this topic found authors as Ross Rosenberg and Lisa Romano on YouTube


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