How much does Completion Process usually Cost?

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How much does Completion Process usually Cost?

Calling all completion process practitioners and those who have paid for a completion process.

Just wondering what your fee usually is for one appointment? How much have those who have had a one off cp paid?

Approximately how long is a session? How did you feel immediately post session?

For example, could you do a cp in the morning then go to work in a couple of hours or would you recommend time to recover?

I'm very interested in booking an appointment and understand the session could be emotionally, perhaps physically draining- I know ultimately the whole process is healing but want to know if this is an immediate release or is there a period discomfort.

Thank-you in advance for any help with these questions


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Prices start at €60 for 1h30 session (lower if you take a bundle - some CPCPs offer that option).
It depends on the location of the CPCP usually. Some do longer sessions too. The details should be on each CPCP's website.

Your state of mind depends on the topic of the session and the depth. Sometimes you are feeling low (because you usually fake being high) or sad (because you rarely allow yourself), so 2 hours can be short if you are in a job where you need to pretend everything is OK :D

I've had mainly energizing sessions, like I was not drained, but again it depends on the people and how much you allow yourself too <3


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On 12 December 2017 at 10:08 PM, kieranessa said:

How much have those who have had a one off cp paid?

@kieranessa at the bottom of the Forum page under Completion Process Practitioners is a whole gaggle of them. From NZ for time difference convenience, I picked Lanna Lake in Costa Rica. As @Eve says, they should let you know if their prices are not listed... that then takes for you the leap of faith to simply choose one. Believe me, you won't be disappointed no matter your choice - all is in alignment whomever you choose. Lanna got back to me with a schedule of fees - she has an introductory 30 min fee to see if you are comfortable with her. Then one and a half hours @ USD $111 which is around Eve's price structure of Euro 60 for the same time.

I have had 3 sessions so far and each was different due to the confidence of diving deep Lanna brings to the each session. I also practiced by myself to get an understanding of how it works - this is not a necessary part though for me as I am eager for knowledge it made sense to do that. I'm going to be a CPCP myself next year as Australia region has none - but having faith in your CP'er is all it really takes. I also had another Teal Tribe member send cross notes and insights of each other's journey - that was really helpful actually. Then CP itself with Lanna.

And thanks for posting to ask - reminds me I must post a recommendation comment on Lanna's site.

As for what happens after, coming back and out of CP was an emotional one these last two times with an overwhelming sense of 'together' and release. 
I had 2 days in-between 2 sessions. Both the same intense real emotional connection coming back out. Wife says happier Rob after too - so that's good. Seem more calm and grounded. The day in-between was a singing bowl session (that I take); so I'd say that any time you can meditate after a CP session or have some Me time to reflect and integrate fully is always helpful.

Oh, and I did two Cutting Cords Teal meditations at dawn before my CP #2 session. Then last night the bowls session. And another single Cutting Chords meditation this morning before my 11 am CP #3 with Lanna. 
I can't answer the going to work part as I work alone from a home office. Knowing the emotions that surface though (I'm a cry baby) - I'd say that a day off would be due - another way to be kind to yourself; for me, I can glide along or concentrate on work, cry or sing and no-one cares - maybe some neighbours hear me - but they'd just say "There's that crazy guy next door again.."

So I guess you could say several intense days but I don't feel that - integration I think is a necessary time though. Also the place for the CP: a complete shut-out; door closed and no disturbance. I guess what you do and how you feel after is an individual thing and you'll be the judge of yours.

I hope this helps.

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