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 Hi all,

Christmas songs playing around and  expectations in the air some magic could happens to us, message, letter, gift, meet nice person?   Other  evening I'm skipping through tv and thought   what about to make a list of things that can be  magic to some one else?

 like sample:    

1.Giving compliments and smiling to strangers

2.Keeping calm and helpful during long queues in a grocery shops or heavy traffic

3.Sharing spiritual and practical ideas

4.Didn’t complaining or arguing reactive way even on they mind to do so

5.Forgiving someone who has hurt you in back days

6.Sending surprising small gifts and Thank You messages without ^strings^ attached  

7.Don’t letting to feel people alone if they know one

8.Helping to connect people with each other by they interests

9.Recognizing good in others and validating that

10.Care about they own garden and helping next door


 happy magics to everyone!



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