Detox and Healing from Mercury Fillings

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HI I have just asked Teal this question and really hope it comes up in a vid!  I have been ill for 18 yrs. While i fully accept that i hold trauma in my body  i have also learnt that i have mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. I am about to have my last few filllings ( safely) removed over the next few months. My concern is how to safely clear the mercury stored in my body afterwards. I have lipomas & skin cancer.  .I understand  that detox can make things  worse and even using things like chlorella or cilantro can create redistribution of metal in the body and even drive it deeper into tissues. I try not  to let this worry me but its a big ask! I guess i need to trust  but wld love to know about  safe detox after removal.

My feeling thus far is to build up my detox organs with v good diet and pray!  

Also...nn a deeper  level i cannot help  wonder if merc poisoning is about invasion/fear/boundaries....

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Hi Jay, i am going lose my 3 teeth in coming 2 weeks due to lesion in the lower jaw. I was shocked to know the presence of cyst. But now i think, to focus on positive feelings irrespective of health problems. I request you to forget that you have any metal in body n create happy connections...what say?

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