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Rise of the Robots

"What has taken humans millennium, robots have achieved in just decades."

Watch the interview with Erika.

6:17 Professor: "She is not in her natural habitat "

Ummm..... Really?.... Nervous or happy to be somewhere else?

Does her response depends on the environment she is in?

Professor: "Try to speak somewhat clearly " 

Would that make any difference? Does that matter?

7:38 Question:"Do you have any hobbies?"

Erica: "I guess the closest thing I have to a hobby is sitting here and roominating on the meaning of my existence "

Do you think that she could be aware she has a purpose?

Could that be her first sense?

Having a sense of purpose.... is very human-like.....

Also. She says : "I like to think......"

Has anyone figure out the actual mechanism behind the thought process and its manifestation?



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Interesting. The original video all the sudden is not available now. For some reason....

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguru created his robot-twin. I find it very fascinating that as time goes by he alters his own appearance  to resemble his robot-twin. Not the other way around... why would appearance matter so much?

If I am not mistaken, professor is also working on the possibility of transferring his consciousness to the robot,  so he can live forever.



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Some people have a fear of being replaced by the robots doing their jobs and eventually robots taking over the world.

While this has its place to be I think the majority still would depend on how advanced the robots are allowed to be. As long as the power source is 3rd dimensional, there is so long the robot can last.

Personally,  I would like to see more and more robots being placed on the jobs that are very boring in the long run, consisting doing basically the same thing over and over again. We all know these jobs are killing people anyway, so instead why not to give people a room for personal growth and self-improvement? Most people are going to hate that, trust me.

I don't remember who said this, maybe it was Teal, that USA people are the most disconnected people . I can absolutely agree on that. I have never seen anything like this before: people are growing up in their own cubes; everybody is driving their own cars.... unless you live in places like NY. People don't even have normal sideways to go for a walk or if they do they don't do it unless they have a dog - a great reason to get some fresh air! (Generalizing here, so don't take my words personally). And after that people are trying to form relationships? Through the glass? No wonder internet meet-ups are on the rise.

Maybe the worse it gets, the sooner people would want to built an actual roads and provide additional transportation towards each other and in between cities/towns with minimal dependence on economy! And robots are perfect for that!

If you think this is not smth important to you right now, THINK AGAIN.

One day you are going to be 70-80 years old with poor vision and hearing and your driving licence are going to be taken away due to slow response. Oh, and arthritis hurts too because you were not eating healthy all this time etc.

Not many people want to care for the elderly. The system is screwed up around it for a reason to help them die sooner with the most debt possible - a gift for you from your parents.

What you think of the retirement may simply turn out to be 20 years of living in a hospice. Unless you are lucky to have a robot taking care of you and driving around.

Interesting also what used to be elderly problems are now more and more becoming problems of the younger people too. And I am not referring to the health problems here.

Being alone on your own in your own space.

Congrats if you recognized yourself.













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