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Rise of the Robots

"What has taken humans millennium, robots have achieved in just decades."

Watch the interview with Erika.

6:17 Professor: "She is not in her natural habitat "

Ummm..... Really?.... Nervous or happy to be somewhere else?

Does her response depends on the environment she is in?

Professor: "Try to speak somewhat clearly " 

Would that make any difference? Does that matter?

7:38 Question:"Do you have any hobbies?"

Erica: "I guess the closest thing I have to a hobby is sitting here and roominating on the meaning of my existence "

Do you think that she could be aware she has a purpose?

Could that be her first sense?

Having a sense of purpose.... is very human-like.....

Also. She says : "I like to think......"

Has anyone figure out the actual mechanism behind the thought process and its manifestation?



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Has anyone notice that people who interview robots start to look like one? Fascinating))


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Interesting. The original video all the sudden is not available now. For some reason....

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguru created his robot-twin. I find it very fascinating that as time goes by he alters his own appearance  to resemble his robot-twin. Not the other way around... why would appearance matter so much?

If I am not mistaken, professor is also working on the possibility of transferring his consciousness to the robot,  so he can live forever.



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