Ramses Rodriguez

Did I make a mistake by activating my third eye?

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I have recently tried activating my third eye with the guidance Teal provided in her video.  In doing so, I have seen some interesting forms and I believe I may have traveled somewhere. Honestly I am a bit confused as to what I see and where I go. But things have gotten a little scary for me lately. 

Let me explain. I am in the process of doing shadow work according to Teal’s “Shadows before Dawn” and according to the various content she has on YouTube. But I believe I am having difficulty mediatating now because I saw a figure that scared me. Since activating my third eye, I find that I leave and go somewhere unintentionally. I have tried grounding myself and clearing my room and apartment of energies (sage smudge) but I can’t seem to stay present. 

Now to the scary part I mentioned above. I may have met some entity or was in its territory (I had a strong sense that perhaps I was trespassing or imposing). It was a very scary figure that laughed at me. I think I’m a bit traumatized to meditate. But I know that I have to figure something out to do my inner-child work. 

Does this happen to anyone? I’m honestly unsure of what is going on with me and I’m a bit freaked out about what I am seeing and experiencing. 

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Thanks, You'reMyFavorite!

Yes, you're right. It would suck to invite demonic entities. Lately, I've been putting my foot down when I start seeing figure. I am demanding clarity and Identification. Unfortunately, however, I am not able to revisit places yet. Images and entities just kind of come and go. Most of what I see are ribbon figures or "static" trying to manifest into a form. This is all a bit scary still but I being, a guess, more brave out there. 

Now, what did you mean that this seems more common with Tealers? Better yet, why do you think you see this more in this community?

Also, how long before you got consistent vivid images? 

Thanks! This helped!

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