Sirian beings and Sirian starseeds

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I was doing a spirit guide meditation from Teal, and during that exercise my spirit guide gave me a piece of labradorite. After being handed the labradorite I saw a blue being beneath my skin. 

Then later I saw the same being printed on a death shroud. 

What is the collective purpose of Sirian beings? Does seeing it beneath my skin mean I am a sirian starseed? Any input, info, or comments are welcome! 


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@CadyKilpatrick an @Shushienae


i will ill share with you what I know about Sirian soul group: 


you come from a star called Sirius and you come to Earth with the mission to bring in a new way. 


Your mojo: "there is a better way" 


bringing advanced technologies, noble view of what works and holding the truth an integrity.


aversion to wars

gateway of heart open, receive light to into creation.

you built the pyramids and the pilgrimage to the pyramids


touching on the Sirians brings the energy of a new way.


telecommunication and teleceniecies and telephaty are your advanced technologies waiting to flourish on earth.


you invented or brought to earth the radio crystals which are used in every iPhone 


your gifts to the world are communication an connection

you have done miracles in medicine an EFT 

incompleteness is a problem for you an you want rid of polarity 

you were major occupants of the Atlantis 9000bc 


you feel responsible for the war an survival on this planet 

you carry the blueprint of wholeness=female an male 

wholeness in creation is choosing the high road 

there are sacred feminine councils: the eagle priestesses, marry magdeline, all about sacred practices (covered an sacred) 


advanced spiritual technology is the sacred feminine energies  and you can call upon the Hi Qua Priestess for guidance, for full power where feminine is holding masculine. 


These are my notes from an audio book called Soul Mastery by Suzann Taylor Shier 


love sharing this this with you, I feel lighter 

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I once had  sirian speak to me in the middle of the night... scared the living crap out of me.
Long story short, it was a male sirian being in a very masculine voice - he just said "I am from the blue planet", that's it. Took me 2 years to figure out what that meant. Turns out, sirius is called the blue planet. And now I know that I am in fact a sirian being myself... Life is so weird lol

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My experience learning I am a Sirian is that one day a friend of mine told me I'm  starseed. I never payed much attention to the word, though I had heard it before in an interview with Teal. After the lady telling me that, I was laying in bed daydreaming as I do a lot. So I wondered what kind of starseed I was. Then  saw the image of my face with a blue star on my cheek as  was daydreaming. I thought how random, so I made go away. Then I saw more appear in my hair! I thought it was so random that I had to look it up. So I googled "blue star people" and the very first thing that came up.. was "Blue Star People - Sirius aliens" a video at the top showing aliens from the blue star <3 ! Since then I've learned a lot about my alien self and their family as well as their husband's family. Mostly about personal relationships rather than overall alien things. Although I an a meditation once and kept hearing repeated, "You are a respected member of the High Council. You are a respected member of the High Council."

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I dont believe or I dont relate on many 

things but I relate with those descriptions put by delina,I would like to add Also that the triangle symbol seems to be related to Atlantis and sirians.


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