I'm Raederle of Ithaca, NY, USA. Seeking in-person collaborations!

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My name is Raederle (Ray-der-lee) Phoenix (Fee-nix). That's my given name. I have hippie parents who both got a college education and raised me in a household with meditation circles weekly, tarot readings, psychic conventions, etc. My dad tutored me in psychology, and my mother in meditation. As a result, I have become known as The Consciousness Alchemist.

Teal Swan is my favorite guru and she is also my voice in the world. There is nobody else in this world I could trust to speak the truth as I believe it the way Teal does. Many of Teal's videos express realizations I had long before I saw her videos, but prior to her, nobody I knew shared viewpoints. She is also the only guru who continues to consistently teach me new tools for my internal growth.

I also enjoy the work of Eckhart Tolle, Joan Grant, Richard Bach, and others. But Teal surpasses them all with the comprehensiveness and multidimensionality of her perspective.

I design workshops, exercises, tools and retreats of my own here in Ithaca, NY. I am seeking new people to work with – either as clients who need help with their relationships, lives or spiritual growth – or as individuals who wish to work with me on my own development in parallel to their own growth.

I went through a long phase of chronically traveling, and now I'm very much settled here at an Eco Village ten minutes south of downtown Ithaca, NY. I prefer not to drive and am particularly interested in individuals who want to visit me in my beautiful home surrounded by my permaculture gardens. My home is very sensitivity friendly as I'm personally highly sensitive to chemicals, odors, smoke, conventional foods, flashing lights, loud noises, polyester, mold, dust mites, and the use of microwaves. Visitors are asked to exclusively use our organic products and not to bring anything synthetic into the home. (It is fine if you wear polyester, but don't expect me to snuggle with you if you do!)

If you're interested in working with me in person or long-distance, please do contact me. You can use my contact page on my website (www.Raederle.com) or find me on facebook. (Raederle Phoenix, The Consciousness Alchemist)

If you have any wish for clarification of any Teal Swan episode, I believe I can provide such clarifications.

Also, you can view a full list of all of Teal's "Ask Teal" series in this spreadsheet I made to keep track of which episodes I've watched and how beneficial I felt they were: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Z5LCTSAvbclcQyF7jdTYMvt4r7DeWxLifb0rIth2Tc/edit?usp=sharing

I originally created this chart to help me recommend the most useful videos to my clients, friends and family, but I've realized that many others can benefit from the chart directly, and so I've begun sharing it.

Blessings & vibrational clarity,


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