Can I use basalt for water purification?

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Hello! I've heard of its rejuvenation properties, but I wonder if it may contain harmful components? Is it a stone that I can put into water and then drink it?

I can also buy basalt combined with olivine, would it be good for water?
Thank you!

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Hey Lavende, Welcome to Teal Tribe.
I would first get you to research the water quality of where you live - that would be the key component before you do anything at all. You may live in a city - shit water. You may live in a forest, filters by roots n trees and nice clear strerams around - so water in thje town supply maybe OK, but still check what additives they put into it; like Flouride or Chlorine - both bad.

Once you have checked that out, go buy fresh bottled spring mineral water. Look at the label to tell you where it comes from. research where it comes from to find out what they have nearby; a chemical factory, a meat works, a nuclear plant, Mormons... sorry bad joke, I meant Donald Trump Retreat...
So I don't think adding anything to the current water is going to offset the current water. See what you can do about the water you drink and the water you use elsewhere first, then if you feel that it's nice to add those other things, go ahead.

I hope this helps.

crystal Rob

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