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The kind of friendship Teal talks about

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I am starving for real, into-me-see intimate, present, authentic friendship. True connection and commitment to that. I want to be able to have problems come up and we deal with them. I would like to see if you would like to be my friend.

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I see you posted this a time ago, but I'll let you know that we can talk if you still feel up to it. I am also looking for true connection. But I'll also let you know (authentic moment here for me), I am just beginning the baby steps towards connection since I have had commitment issues because of fear of intimate relationships, even though intimate relationships is exactly what I truly desire. I'm doing shadow work, both integration and parts work to be able to  form connections, and it's beginning to become just a little lighter. If you're okay with knowing that I am available for communication. : ) 

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Hi! Hi!

hey check it out you two....

....I am ALWAYS here if u want to talk!

imaynot be the deepest or most mature gal ...

...but that’s ok with me!

i really love who I am!

”warts , shadows and shadows WITH warts!”

get in touch with me nne time!



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