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acne help

hey guys! im not sure if a post has already been made on this but is anyone else struggling with acne?

i had random acne on and off all my life but nothing too severe, until about 8 months ago i started having more cystic and frequent acne. ive tried many things over the counter and of course switched to a more holisitc route. i changed my diet to sugar and gluten free (im already vegan). ive tried retinoid and that helped a bit but then made my skin flakey. you name it ive probably done it. its mainly hormonal but there is some on my forehead too.

who else is struggling with it and do you have any advice? i know its forming from a metaphysical stand point but i just cant figure out what the root problem is.

thanks and much love

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21 hours ago, felinemenina said:

Which book is it? :love-struck-yahoo-emoticon: @LL.

Hello felinemenina!
The book's name is  Metaphysical Anatomy, Evette Rose 

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Interesting story here: When I was 19 I still had a bunch of stupid acne that I had pretty much given up on. 

I went on a Vapassanna retreat, where I meditated 7-8 hours a day and made no eye contact. It was 10 days of concenrated effort (I do not recommend that you refuse eye contacy with everyone to rid yourself of acne. Probably wouldn't work anyway).

At the end of the retreat, my ance subsided almost completely, and a job offer became available for me that I really wanted. The job even waited 4 days for me to reply back.


My point is.... just simplify.

Reduce the stress

Love yourself fully


Take gentle care of yourself


When there is an open path energetically, the good things you want have a road to come to you. 


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