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Fear of Intimacy

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Fear of Intimacy

This thread I am starting is in regards to Teals new video fear of intimacy. I want to compile everyone who specifically suffers from this into its own little community. Hopefully we can work through the steps on the list and maybe even meet each others needs. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and grow self awareness. 



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Hey Greg, what the... no-one has replied...

I make a point of replying to Posts that are viewed and passed on... I see it as kind of rude myself; to just continue on without a comment.

So... I must go have a look at Teal's intimacy video - from what I remember she uses the term "Into Me See" and of course that implies open and honest discussion and reveals deep into a person's shadow side... maybe that has scared people off? Similar happens at workshops - you can judge the topic by how many hands go up.

It has been said to me that I am not shy when I have said I am - all that does is reveal that there is obviously something I don't want people to see. Usually to do with how I view myself as opposed to how I portray myself methinks... It's a freaking hard thing to do and usually comes in the form of a closeness and trust bond displayed by human contact... what you can feel and touch lends itself to more trust than some words on a screen... Oh go on you Mirror! 
So the way I see it, basically without the very human need to first build trust and allow people in bit by bit, we'll all be scuppered with all the leaks already built into the boat, so to speak. I know Teal is trying to turn this around and it can happen at community level but that is also human contact and bonding. Something about being able to see deep into someone's eyes..

So, where is this going? I'm not sure how, in a public forum you will convince people.
I myself, have used PM to a couple of people rather than let it all hang out in the public forum. I'm guessing I'm not alone. There are some people who are allowing the whole lot out - they are to be commended. Go read @toemilyjune and her 'What Would Someone Who Loved Themselves Do?' daily posts aiming at 365 days of a post each day.

Back to this lonely post...
I hope someone reads this and gets in touch with you. I realise fully there are levels of intimacy and so I will just wait and see.
Maybe, since it was your idea, that you start the ball rolling? There's nothing like showing people how to do it by doing it yourself... mirror speaking of course - wipe, wipe.


crystal Rob 

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