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I have been wanting to start this discussion for some time now. It seems that society and especially the spiritual communities talk about diet, bad foods, opioids, marijuana, hallucinogens,  and almost everything else that we put into our bodies that alter our vibration and state of mind, yet the discussion about Alcohol has been glazed over and almost avoided altogether. To me its the most accepted and expected detrimental substance that we use in our society and i wonder why that is. Why is this the substance that we cling to yet we wont put animal products, other chemicals, or non organic foods into our body.  I know that Teal has mentioned in her video "spiritual diet" that alcohol was one of the worst substances you can put into your body but then there hasn't been more conversations or videos about it. I would really like her to do an episode geared totally towards this subject because it is not only one of the top causes of death in our society, it has immense spiritual consequences that affect everyone. Why aren't we having more conversations about this? Especially as a spiritual community and how it affects our capacity to heal, reach higher states of consciousness, and WAKE UP! 

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Hey, I agree on this, people all over the world, specially west, consume so much alcohol. It is a way to suppress feelings and thoughts, the reality we've created for ourselves, we all know this, more or less, but yeah since it's so uber spread, I would like some conscious campaign on alcohol too, maybe we should do it :P 

I was raised in an alcohol driven environment (maybe not appropriate word to use ) so.. I don't like anything that blurs the awareness, but I myself fall in the trap easily too so.. :S 

 But I also find sugar to alter the awareness, making you kinda stupid :)) , all processed food damages spirit and body, gluten fucks up the intestines which is where you also get information from, so...

I do believe though that people who don't consume animal products, non organic food, all that you mentioned, don't consume alcohol, simply because we are not a match, it's impossible. 

Group pressure? Social conditioning? All mechanisms of control 

I do smoke sometimes I have to mention. But I smoke pure tobacco, no additives, no shit, I simply wouldn't like to differ so much, on a physical level, from my fellow men , its all one though...

and vices were meant to be enjoyed, not overly consumed 

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