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Lindsay Merkel

Grandson's trauma

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Grandson's trauma

My grandson is now 6 but when he was 3 my daughter was in a domestic violent relationship.Grandson was bashed ,drugged and sexually assaulted by the ex.I did Dr Bradley Nelson emotion code course and have helped him from what he was.He has so much anger.He is an empath so is his mother he is also can see ghost and will pick them up and bring them back to me to send to the light.He has a younger brother whose father is the one that abused him.His brother is 3.He is very violent with his mother and brother but is good here with me.Dr's have tried medication but it makes him worse. He is picking up on his mother's emotions if she is upset about some thing he is worse.She is taking him to Royal far west in Sydney Australia in December. Is there any suggestions

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