Synchronization-Workshop 12/9 Los Angeles

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Synchronization-Workshop 12/9 Los Angeles

:emot-lsd:Hey Los Angeles!

Hello I am new to the site here <3 I found Teal on youtube a few weeks ago and I have felt more improvment in my happiness today then I have with months of therpy and 35 years of hidden layers of childhood Trama from a very severe car accident I was in as a child.

I can not express how greatful I am to have found Teal and the introduction to the process here.

I am eager to learn more so I am really hoping to make it to the workshop the December.

I hope I can afford to by my ticket before it sells out!


Question while Im here?


Have any of you ever been to any of Teal's events?Please  share any thoughts with me?

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I had a great time connecting with people I met at the workshop while doing the 10 people circle of "You are alot like me"

I met some really special souls and I wish I would have got their info to keep in touch.

Maybe we will meet agian <3 

I am so greatful that I was able to attend the workshop! 



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