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What is Emotion?

I suspect that my experience is fundamentally different than others' and that I don't really experience 'emotions'. It is like there are some aspects of the social domain that I just don't create or have access to and this has consequences for how I perceive myself as well as my ability to relate to others socially. I want to know why and how this came to be and understand emotion, but before I write about my own experience, I want to ask you

(1) How do you experience emotions?
(2) From an existential perspective, what IS emotion? What is the nature of emotion - how does emotion exist, or what is the substance of emotion?

I want to have a discussion about what this business is fundamentally all about and which will hopefully also enlighten both mine and your relation to emotion.

Thank you. I will check the forum tomorrow, but may not have internet access again for a while.

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Hi Blaze, interesting topic

I experience emotions in my body, it can be pretty loud. Depends on where you stand in your experience with emotions.

Emotion is an acute arise in the body, an acute feeling about something. It's a flow, how I see it. It exists everywhere, every time I suppose, except when we are sleeping. It's substance is essential to your understanding, of yourself and others. It can be subjective and/or objective. 

All from me, hope you write your own experience 

I like the avatar


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 i think E/motion is that short kick between Experience and motion


sure it's from a joke perspective, I think it's kind a flow energy of perceiving the world trough all 6 senses , in Teals video Holly Grail is description what is emotions, each time I listen drives me to tears..

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@my-alteregos-and-me Yes, I think you're right :) I'm surprised by what I wrote just half a year ago. I still have all this self-doubt. From then to now, I've gone from "what is the emotion?" to being able to notice this ever-present torment of pain that I know is happening and absolutely can't relate to. I can just identify an apparent pain-mesh... that is paralyzing. WTF?

Sometimes, I notice other bodily sensations, and I want to know what it is so I put my attention there, and the sensation dissipates immediately. It is always gone too fast. I want the sensation to freeze so I can know it.

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