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Catherine Allen

Stain removal

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Stain removal

Hi all, 
It is not easy to keep the houses clean when you have kids. Every day when I clean the house, I can see new artworks on the walls or on the bed or floor by my naughty children. When I understood that there is no use of scolding them, I stopped it. Two days before, I noticed some coffee stain on our new sofa. I think it is the children who made it while having coffee and watching TV.  Although I tried to remove it with a stain remover, It didn't work. We have a maid coming from one of the professional cleaning services once in 2 weeks. It has just been a month only she started coming to our house for cleaning. So we don't know much about the cleaning. My question is should I inform the cleaning company that there is a stain in the sofa for them to bring the necessary supplies to clean it? What do you people usually do to remove such stains? Please help me with tips.

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