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Environmental Sustainability

It only takes a moment to kill a tree but years to grow one. It only takes a moment to pull the trigger to end a life but years to grow a child into an adult. We value our technology as a means to a better world yet our technology is used to bring death and destruction, creates poisons that kill and devastate wild life and the very environment that sustains us. Scientists tell us we are already in the most dramatic loss of species since the end of the dinosaurs. Our oceans are dying, our forests dwindling, our swamps and wetlands corrupted. The thought of Nuclear war is increasingly acceptable. Depleted uranium is used in armor piercing ammunition releasing radioactive particles yet we fear a dirty bomb. Have we already doomed ourselves to extinction? There are signs of recovery. Wolves returning to woods outside Rome, reintroduced to Yellowstone, Whooping Cranes returning to Gulf Coast breeding grounds. Greater areas of Europe returning to woodland. Peak oil production offers greater moves to renewable resources. But is there time? A moment to kill, a lifetime to recover! We need to shift our priorities from profitability to sustainability, from separation to integration.

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