Subliminal Disclosure or Conscious Creativity?

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Subliminal Disclosure or Conscious Creativity?

So I couldn't help but to notice all of the similarities popping up in my life recently between some of the descriptions of ET beings and actual media out there in the public eye (games, movies, TV shows etc). I happened to log into the App store on iphone recently and noticed the new "Star Trek: Discovery" advertisement on the top banner. It really caught my eye because it looks like humans standing next to what would resemble a reptilian being and some other orange-skinned being. See pic below:

I know that the Sci-Fi scene has always been pumping out variations of physical bodied entities for their shows and projects, but for some reason this Star Trek one really struck a chord with me. It just seems so real. I know a lot of people felt that way with Avatar too when it first was released. There's a lot of talk in the ET/new age discussions how hollywood and the media are tied with the government and they are slowly but surely releasing movies, games, and TV shows with subliminal cosmic truths and depcitions into the collective consciousness to prep for disclosure so it'll be less fearful. I also was looking at some of the games in the App store and noticed that they also have one called "Star Trek: Timelines." It's just so obvious and honestly blatant in our face (and has been for at least 2 decades in the Sci-Fi media). Really, it's probably not entirely fiction. There has to be some truth as to where the creativity comes from. I think a lot of the creatives involved are either consciously or unconsciously bringing back their experience from other realms out of body into this dimension here to portray artistically. I just don't like how sci-fi has always portrayed an alien threat and the perpetuation of war. What do you guys think? 



startrek timelines.jpg

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