How to help cultivate a thriving college life for students?

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How to help cultivate a thriving college life for students?

I was and hear about most college kids doing well in high school and when they go to college, they struggle or just don't enjoy the learning atmosphere. How do we get them back on their path to learning that will really inspire them and motivated them instead of reiterating knowledge coming from their teachers and a textbook? 
How can we get the struggling students who hate studying and classes to see that college is not right for them or get them to excel in their own learning modalities? 

This question is partially asking how to get young people to stop being prepared to work for other people at a meager salary when they are young and start helping them plan their own life map?
I would love to hear back from any college student and their thoughts about college and their experiences, people who found their life passion, people who help coach others, and all thoughts about the education system.

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