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Happy Feet

Yo ! 


i dont know who all reads the intros , but in advance i aqppolgise about the greivious misuse of the the english lauange . 

at any rate . 


i have not seen teal in a wile , i used to be a big fan of hers , i still am in some ways . 

none the less , i suppose i would be an antagonist in this setting , its odd to me i used to be part of a chirstinsite site and wondered why all the , different view points gathered there , and i think cause after a certain length of time what ever it is that a person believes eventually becomes fact to them , in spite of the benefits of the concrete ness of such ideas , i am a bit of a dreamer in this regard and a borad minded  idealist . 


among my favorite subjects to talk about are 

the bible , i have defended it scene my youth 

aliens , wonder full subject  

the twin flame paradine 

spertual develoment 

energy and the matrix of the soul 


the masculine and famine identiys 

the arc angel micheal 

The Person Of Jesus ( most heated subject i think ) 

demonic spirits 

the spirit world 

demsionoal sepecualtion 




im not a big fan of 


close minded people . 


there are many things i belive in , one of my missions in life is to sycnronise it all to geather and bridge the gap between science and spirituality  . to me the are " two differnt sides " of the same line . 










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