Meeting my twin flame, but engaged

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Meeting my twin flame, but engaged

Hello, so I'm very recently engaged to my partner of 4 years . prior to Meeting her, I met what I believe is my twin flame. For many reasons I won't get into, we only dated for a short time, then I met my now fiancé. Now we are in an open relationship/marriage and pretty much a few days after I proposed to her, I met up with my twin flame after not seeing her for 4 years. We had a very intense and passionate kiss that has thrown my mind for a loop. 

My gut wrenches thinking about the option to leave my fiance for this other woman. But my connection with my flame is undeniable and has stayed just as strong since I met her. 

I guess I wonder if twin flames should/are meant to be together. Or will having this open relationship make it work out in both respects??

We live states away from each other so it would require premeditated effort to pursue anything physical with her. But it's literally all I can think of. I don't want to leave my fiance. But I don't want to lie to myself or lead myself down the wrong path if that's what's best.

I just don't know :/

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