Conflict with parent

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Conflict with parent

So here's the thing I've been diagnosed with a mental illness for the past year and been struggling to find the energy and motivation for work. Most days just trying to be calm and not fight with my mind is a win. But I feel pressured to heal and work from my parents.


I have been living with my dad for a couple of years since coming back from dropping out of college. I used to work with my dad doing construction, which I hated, but I didn't have no other option which I felt help us financially and felt like I was doing my part in supporting the household. 

Now that I am sick, I need my dads support to help me. But at the same time I don't feel comfortable asking him for money because I don't think he genuinely wants to give it. 

Also today, my dad randomly goes and asks me for money knowing I am broke to fix part of the car, which he has enough money to do. He asks me then why I don't work, and I tell him because I have a mental disorder and feel sick. He replies who will pay the bills(he also has back pain and lung problem and is still working, has that mentality, if I can do it, why can't you?)

i know he expects me to have my finances together at this point. I'm 24. And I do want to fulfill his and my money goals, but I've been battling depression for a while. 

I leave the house mad at me because he makes me feel bad about myself that I am just lazy and doesn't try to do anything right now. However I need his help/ money (I rather not involve my friends) 

what should i do at this,

i know talking is a good options, but I don't think he will understand my side and believe I'm just not trying hard enough in life.

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