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I don't care what you think about anything. I'm not interested anymore. Sorry. You've lost all credibility with me months ago. 

Right, except when you want to start issues with me. Oh the irony. If you really don't care, don't involve yourself or say anything to me at all. Period.

Besides it doesn't really matter what you think. Haters gonna hate right?... Thoguh practically everyone loses credibility with you when you have  a disagreement with them so it makes no difference.

Also my responses to that other thread you made had nothing to do with our issues what'so'ever. I wasn't even trying to make an issue with you about it, even trying to makre reparations on our relative issues, but it's clear you only see the negative in things. It's clearly not about if I was a "psuedo intellectual" which is very ironic but it was only mean't to be an open discussive debate, yet you had no interest in it simply because you'd rather focus on your reasons for trying to discredit or belittle me. That's all you ever focus on and that right there is evidence of that. You're the only one who goes to that lenght to hate someone even if you just think something might be a bit off. I suspect Teal of a few things, why I came to monitor her but I don't hate her. No reason to. It's just wasted effort and focus.


I do read most of your replies to me, but your accusations are so redundant and laughable that I sometimes don't even reply. It's not because I can't defend myself or have no rebuttals. It doesn't mean you're correct. Most often, you're not. It means you're not very fun to talk to and I think you're completely full of crap.  

A lot of yours could say the same, merely spewing hate and negativity pretty much.


Most often, you're not. It means you're not very fun to talk to and I think you're completely full of crap. 


You're not as smart as you think and you'd benefit from taking a good look at your own posts. I think you're completely stupid and malicious at the same time. Nothing in your posts are mentally stimulating or even fun to read. All you do is go on long tangents in desperation to convince everyone or yourself how wrong I am.


Get a life. Better yet, leave the forum permanently, loser. You're a malicious, conniving, brainwashing, probably smelly, unfunny, unimpressive, psuedo-intellectual creepazoid. Your picture is creepy, and you're just as creepy.  You're a danger to my friends, and I hope Garnet bans you permanently.

And this is why about 65 - 80% of the forum say the same about you. I actually don't know the real amount but from what I'm guessing of the geeneral vibe from many different conversations with people.

It really is just uncalled for that you behave like this. Doesn't matter what the reasons are. Whether it's me or someone else who leaves or stays, makes no difference because there will always be other backwater pools like this within the community. You think intrenching yourself in one internet forum on a website because that's the only place you can go that will tolerate you does anything? If you've really been at this for 10 years so you claim, you should really know better by now. You should have either been at a point of more udnerstanding of mostly everything that's entailed in this kind of thing which gives no reason for the attitude or completely have lost faith in the whole thing and left it entirely. You still seem to be on the edge of uncertainty hence why you're suspicious of everything. Suspicion implies you don't know but in your case you want to see incrimination so you do see it.

You honestly are, and this isn't me just going at you but I know you're going to have an ego attack / defence spike over it. You're just a hateful, spiteful little man. That's all you have and how you justify yourself by making everyone sound much worse than you could ever seem to be. You use that as a focus point so it looks like you're in the right and anything said against that would seem like nothing in comparison.

Really, you may actually need to get those medical documents to an admin or something because even if you have no actual mental disorders, you have issues, even when you see no threats or trolls or whatever. You seem to be like that anyway. It's also the only way to shut everyone up about it otherwise all you have is a claim. There's no inherent credibility in just a claim.

1 hour ago, Scot said:

On the other hand, no.  No.  Okay? NO!  Everyone on this planet has fears.  Everyone on this planet is a little bit broken but everyone deserving some respect and some kindness.  Even Render deserves some kindness but he keeps pushing it away.  At the very least, he won’t accept any kindness from me.    

Kindness is gaslighting, isn’t it Render?  No one could possibly extend a little kindness because deep down, everyone is an asshole.   Right?

So, I’m going to try this again...  

First a wish for myself: May my heart be open and filled with loving-kindness, both for myself and for others.

And the exact same wish for anyone reading this post (including Render):  May your heart be open and filled with loving-kindness, both for yourself and for others.

If he continues to think that negative = positive or two wrongs makes a right, then so be it... As I said. 'Haters gonna hate', cause that's all they know works for them. A one trick pony.

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