Worried, stressed, and Depressed most of the time

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Worried, stressed, and Depressed most of the time

Hello, my name is Pride, and I am here today because I have a lot of trouble with Anxiety, sometimes depression, most times I am at a high Point, however that is when the day is flowing in a direction that I see is good. I wake up finding myself not being able to get out of bed, for the most part I have a good job, ( however the people are my job cause me stress, Anxiety, and depression because I am Anxious about going back the next day to deal with them , I am dealing with a narcissistic boss, employees with negative energy, I feel alone at the work place Left out somehow, I want to be around co-workers who are like me, Positive energy, helpful and loving I have a nice apartment that I am sharing with my best friend of 20 years, but he is messy, has low energy, and frequently sucks it out of me every relationship I get into with a woman ends up going bad, weather I am judging her for drinking, acting a certain way or other wise, I masturbate frequently to escape whatever I am feeling, and end up feeling worse. I am 32, I walk exercise, and eat healthy but the people and relationships I am attracting is killing me in my mind I want to Attract, strong, positive loving people but I am attracting the complete opposite I need some type of way to change my life and bring more positivity into it. can anyone suggest something? I have tried meditation but my mind is cloudy I know that if I could somehow relinquish these thoughts I would be able to transform into my final form. because when I am not thinking this way everyone benefits 

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