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Emotional Starvation and Numbness

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IDK for you , but for me my  , heart' has , had  a block and  refused to be loved . I'm working to disovle q it  . 

That's how it was for me still dealing with it . but I'm progressing . 

Self hatred , and self destruction seem to stem form things like unwillingness to forgive ones self or love ones self , that would stem from some sin  we committed in our youth . 



Self love can be scary , and feel uncomfortable. 

And we over look the nessaity for great fullness , which relay and truly dose block out connection to the creator . 


I'd like to think there is a connection between emotional strength  to spiritual growth , and I believe there is , but the emotional part of you being is , I think part of your body body , and not part of your spirit . buy hell , maybe all three parts have emotional reactions to things . 


I mean we have all been both turned on by lust , but filityed but the idea at the same time .


 over all  find  new things to be great full for everyday . 

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