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"MBTI - N vs. S" or just "intimacy need"

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"MBTI - N vs. S" or just "intimacy need"

I have always found the Myers-Briggs N vs. S scale to be confusing.  So here is my understanding (Or perhaps my mid-understanding).

For "N", Jung used the word "iNtuition" but it is really about what is going on inside your head.  Therefore, "introspection" is a better word (used by Keirsay who followed after Myers-Briggs)  "N" type people want to discuss the inner world of thoughts, feelings and ideas.

I  For "S", Jung used the word "Sensing" and it is about participating in the immediate world around you.  I want to use the word "extrospective" but that is my own word.  "S" type people would want to discuss what is going on in the world, but not necessarily their feelings or things internal.

But doesn't  "intimacy need" basically cover the same ground?   Some people have more intimacy needs than others.  But do we really need the Myers-Briggs?  is the N vs S scale really just a function of intimacy need?


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