ِِAmr Al-shura

The trap of releasing resistance

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Okay, here's a quick one. 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The pain in my digestive system was immense that I used to violently pinch my stomach so I could feel better. Later, when my spiritual journey started; I learned how to release resistance and allow the pain to be present. I learned how to be present with my pain, how to allow it, embrace it and give it your unconditional love, but by time, the allowance became ignoring. My intestines would cringe/be in immense pain, instead of resisting it, I would allow it, but ignore it. I would let it be present, but completely ignore it while doing other stuff like watching a movie, studying or talking to someone as if the pain doesn't exist. See the difference? 

Much love :* 

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Have you healed your gut since? I had a little episode today, where I had one too many pears maybe lol and few hours later I felt like someone was scraping the inside of my stomach with a blade. I did exactly that, gave it my full love and attention and the pain didn't stop right away, instead I started shaking pretty bad and felt the need to breath in deep with no unncessary pauses, being present the whole time, and maybe 5 min in it stopped...usually it would last a few hours or until I slept it off.

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Sorry for coping and pasting. This is the just the best example I know of.  This is said by Abraham.......


We visited recently with a woman who was experiencing the severe discomfort of arthritic hips. Her current state of reality was one of nearly constant physical discomfort.

If we could just help her to understand that her painful physical condition is only the temporaryplace that she is currently standing, then she could begin to move to a better-feeling condition immediately. If we could just get her to focus upon WHERE she is MOVING TO instead of focusing upon the REALITY that is right now occuring. ...If we could just get her to focus upon the SENSATION of MOVING TO a better-feeling place rather than focusing upon the REALITY that seems to have concluded -- her situation would begin to improve immediately.

We wanted to help her see that there are two journeys running along concurrently in her experience: the Action Journey (or the reality of her painful arthritic hips), and the Emotional Journey (the emotion that she is choosing to feel) as she moves through her day. 

From her current reality, or the platform from which she is now launching into her next experiences, she has these choices:

  • She has painful arthritic hips and feels fear, anger, worry, blame, or despair.
  • She has painful arthritic hips and feels hope.

You see, her current condition of painful hips is her Action Journey. That is happening. It isreality. That is her current condition. And we certainly can understand why it would have her attention. But if she could, just for a little while, try to focus upon her Emotional Journey - if she could just accept that her hips hurt for now and set that Action Journey aside in her mind for just a little while, and focus upon her Emotional Journey options, then her vibrational point of attraction would begin to change.

You cannot continue to offer the same vibration that got you to where you are, and now get to someplace different. You have to do something different with your attention, with you focus, and with your vibration.

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