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jewish world domination

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jewish world domination

other day learned that neo-Nazi forums : Stormfront and The Daily Stormer were kicked off the whole internet. I didn't post there myself, and am not personally acquainted with the culture of the respective forums -- but I do understand that what this means is that the megacorps basically own 'free speech', as much as they do now the whole damn internet anyway.

as tribute to the death of free speech on the internet, I wanted to post a neo-Nazi documentary that illustrates the history of Jewish world domination. Having researched quite a bit of this myself, I can vouch that all of this is at least like 80-90% true, but occasionally there will be a quote or something that has a controversial source of origin.

I would be really interested in what teal has to say about the prospect of Jewish occult at the top tiers of this NWO hegemony, since I think they will be somewhat similar to the cult in which she grew up.



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