Things leading to a rebirth

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Things leading to a rebirth

You know, I think the time that we been waiting for is coming. The sequence of things that have been happening: Trump, extreme racism, north korea, the eclipse, hurricane Harvey and also the one thats been said to probably hit the US in a week, hurricane Irma. 

I recommend seen these videos of Teal talking about the future if you haven't already seen them.

Time: 1:28:40


I have a guilty confession.

I obvioulsy don't want anything bad to happen but, I think it is the best for us because from the ashes of this world we will build a new world. I can't deny that at first I was scared but looking and thinking about it, I honestly want it all to be over.

I want to know your thoughts on this. And if you have any plans things you want to do.

Thank you.




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