Are you all happy with glasses?

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Are you all happy with glasses?

Hi!! I started wearing glasses when I was 10 years old. I was prescribed -1.5D for both eyes. I just hate to wear it. So I got contacts when I was 14 years old. In the beginning, I was happy as I don't need to wear glasses. But later, I started experiencing red eye, itchy eye, dry eye, etc. I consulted my family doctor and he said that I'm allergic to contacts. And advised me to stop using it.  

I was so disappointed as I thought I didn't have any other option. But one of my aunts suggested undergoing lasik surgery. Since I don't know anything about this procedure, I googled it. It seems after the procedure I can get rid of glasses forever. I’m planning to schedule an appointment from a vision care in Pflugerville for the lasik consultation. I just can't wait to see the surgeon to discuss this. I'm 17 years old, I would like to know if I can undergo this procedure. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!    

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No offense intended, but I think this question would be better served by asking a doctor or a google search for medical sites.  

But maybe I am unknowingly forwarding a physicalist, scientific realist agenda.

It occurs to me that other people has written to the Teal Swan forum wondering if the Completion Process could resolve eyesight problems.  And there are those who said that unresolved conflicts could affect vision.  Therefore, if you resolve the internal conflict you could improve vision. I suppose it is possible to conduct a study on the effectiveness of Completion or shadow work on vision.   But optometrists and opthalmologists would tell you that is crazy and stick with their physical explanation of vision problems.

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I would be highly cautious about this esp at your age when your eyes are still developing.

Such a surgery can have long term effects in that you need more surgery later on, not even talking about the possibility it can go wrong and do permanent damage.
Even though the dokter will say its safe, and i am sure they have a high succes rate it is never 100% 

That aside.

First there are many many contact lenses, All with different materials used, so some may cause an allergic reaction to you while others will perfectly work.
Have you tried daily soft contacts ? I had trouble with monthly contacts myself which caused red eyes, dry eyes like you described.
Daily lenses are available for 20$/month. Daily is more expensive but found it to be more clean and more convenient. (I use biomedics by CooperVision and can recommend them)
I would be skeptic about thinking you are allergic to all contact lenses based on the opinion/observation of one dokter, how high of a value you give that opinion you may give.
Its worth doubting and trying to see if there is an other way.

Second you can wear lenses for less hours, Most lenses are suitable to ear 12-16 hours, when you wear them too long this can cause dry and red eyes.
An option is to wear glasses in the morning and before bed so your eyes get some down time off the lenses. This works. Another thing you can use is a eye drops to moistener your eyes during the day. say after wearing them for 6 hours.

Third there are some alternative treatments that may help you get rid of your glasses and get vision to 100% tho i do not know enough about them as i am currently looking into them and the effectiveness of them.

Best of luck on your journey.

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Hi hi 

I am nearsighted too, lot more screwed than you, and it started at earlier age. I wore contact lenses for mamy years, in high school and college... And i went to a neighbouring country to do a laser surgery at around 22 maybe... (28 now) They checked me and told me that except my a bit dry eyes, my eyes are apparently perfect for laser surgery. I wanted to be an artist, a performer, perfect face, body, talent. However, the night before i went on surgery, i was staying in a hotel with a friend, and i realised, what the fuck am i doing?! they told me i will have to put eye drops to hydrate my eyes like almost every 2 hours for 6 months after the surgery. And these were rather expensive eye drops. Not only that, i also googled watched mamy testimonials on not successful eye laser surgeries, which turn out to be lot of them. I started panicking about all of this, bursting in tears and panic to my friend, asking myself no, no, no, why would i do this, i dont want to do this!!! And so, i didnt, and i am very glad. Why? 

There's a reason why we are the way we are. I know that me i am kind of empath and young was surrounded by narcissism, violence, melancholy, all kind of emotional neglect, mental neglect, mental abuse etc etc, and i know i was protected this way, otherwise i dont know what would have happened, even now i find it difficult to see in egos, my whole body writhes, yes, but i have help around inside so it raises me up a bit. Anyhow, find your purpose, find the reason why you couldnt see what you were seeing then, why deep down you dont want to see what you see, your purpose after all 

Btw! very interesting topic cause i wanted to write about this

i am now very often moving without my glasses, seeing with other parts of me, understanding. It does, or did, affect my self esteem, i feel very low when i think shit, why have i chosen this, to be in my head only, in my body, but now i know more or less. Anyhow, yesterday morning i noticed something. I could see a bit further! i have been soul focusing and integrating as much as i can, integrating all my broken pieces, i am on a spiritual path btw, and very intense, i had many, or some, idk , other dimensional experiences and am a healer at heart and in practice, so, now, regarding glasses, i am planning i hope, to order glasses with lower dioptry, cause spirit evolves and the physical CAN go hand in hand. Healthy food, healthy practices, can restore your vision, especially yours, its not big. 

Btw, i see me, i dont wear my glasses, just when i need to be practical, because i feel, and i know... Spirit knows and its perfect. Just ego wants you to fit the mould. 



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I'm using glasses for reading and texting, agree with Scot about unsolved conflicts could effect but it happens not directly through nervous and blood circulation that effects optical distortion, 

Majda, I'm deeply appreciate your perspective as New Ability to connect with self purpose and spirituality :)

there is some yoga exercises to improve vision mostly assanas up side down it's about to increase blood circulation  for sure diet need to revise too, is plenty on web but I like this short and simple 

but if you not familiar with assanas I'd recommend to find class or certificated instructor to get a validation you doing right

best wishes to all


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