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Has anyone here met Teal in person ?

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@Olga-p I would love to meet her in person sadly I haven't been able to. Thanks for the thread I'm sure there are people who have met her and we can hear their experience 

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7 hours ago, Kalki said:

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I understand your desire to "save" people. I really do. I'm the same way. However, I don't agree with you about Teal and I'll tell you why. 

I watched her video about suicide and heard the parts you heard that angered you. She never said it's a good idea to commit suicide, but she acknowledged that it is an option... and that's simply because it is. It's not the best option and no one said it's the best option, but acknowledging the truth, the person's freedom, might help the person with a layer of resistance ON TOP OF the suicidal tendencies, which might be self blame or powerlessness. It might be hard to know the impact of the words of Teal if you're not suicidal when you watch it. She posted that video to help, and that's why in the video she worked with the viewer to overcome what they are going through. No one wants death or sadness or fear here.

Please question your judgements especially if you decide to continue posting here. I like your posts a lot and wish for you to continue. We all want peace and love and understanding, and posts like yours (the one's about God), might really help people. But I'm gonna be brutally honest that causing fear of Teal won't help anyone. I hope you're able to understand this.

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