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shadow spider?

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shadow spider?

HI, I just saw a strange brown grey "shadow" scurry across my floor. it made me think it was a small tiny mouse or very large spider BUT it was more like a dust bunny and moved with intent to under my desk as if a spider. I went looking carefully but found nothing. Normally I would think that it WAS just a spider and i just didnt see it right. BUT i had a similar sensation of KNOWING that i was not a tangible thing. almost like seeing an orb but creepy not welcoming... Anyone know what this might be and how i can get rid of it if its negative? Im cleaning out under my desk, telling it to go and burning sage and some frankinsence but im thinking I need a little more. It came from under my crystal corner of herkimers, moonstone and multi colored flourite... scurried accross my ooriental rug (which made it hard to see clearly and seemed the density of a dust buny) I welcome any thoughts. Im new here but a follower for a long time Prayers of Gratitude...

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